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  • Light style alpha has been activated. You can change to the Destiny one by clicking on the lower left of the page!
    working on the Official "Look" of DestroyRepeat.com - Improving teams, tournaments and other bits!
    Looking forward to seeing this new design!
    Details on initial tournaments and prizes to go live this weekend. It is going to be awesome!
    What do i do with all these credits?
    They will be used for upcoming features, such as the tournament system and discount from the eShop to name but a few things they will enable you to do.

    The system is live prior to these features to give users a chance to start collecting them, ready for the launch of the other facilities.
    Sir Orcberry
    Sir Orcberry
    Ah. Thank you.
    won the specter patch but no one has reached me and I have reached out to multiple staff members.

    What do I do next, who should I send the mailing address to? I request further information as it's been I think almost a week.

    Hope to get it. I don't often win things like this.
    I've been alone with you
    Inside my mind
    And in my dreams I've kissed your lips
    A thousand times
    I sometimes see you
    Pass outside my door
    Is it me you're looking for?
    I can see it in your eyes
    I can see it in your smile
    You're all I've ever wanted
    And my arms are open wide
    'cause you know just what to say
    And you know just what to do
    And I want to tell you so much
    I love you
    Hey, are you and other administrators still doing the member spotlight thing, and if you are how would I vote?
    I was just wondering how to get rid of the "New Member" title and get the "member" one. What do I need to do to earn it?
    Hi - You become a regular member after 25 posts :)
    The "top poster leaderboard" has bumped several of us off that had higher posts then the current members on there? Was there some kind of glitch or was the program counting introduction postings when it shouldn't have? Just curious!
    I need your help my birth date is wrong
    What would you like it changed to?
    Hey man I just wanted to ask you if you have any job openings. I know some stuff about PC and website builders.
    We do - Check the Announcements section.
    Nice changes to the site design. New background has made it look ten times better. KUTGW
    Thanks man. It's only a temporary design anyway, until the proper, big, awesome one kicks in!
    I see there are teams for TitanFall. Can I set one up somewhere? If so, where is the link please? Thank you
    Click on the teams section at the top of the page. You can set-up teams there.
    Hey, I've just registered in these forums. I just wanted to congratulate you about the forum design and the community itself.

    See you!
    Thanks SuperFreak - Hope to see you around!
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