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Youtube Red

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Recently Youtube announced Youtube Red, a monthly subscription service where one pays 10 dollars a month to remove all ads from videos you watch on Youtube (although there are some videos where you may still see such - paid channels, etc.). Support is given for PC and mobile, certain game consoles (Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, and PS4 being some of them), and certain smart TVs which are supported. It also allows for offline viewing of videos (mobile only) - can download a video for 30 days and can watch it offline. Supposedly starting next year, there will be special content only made available to Youtube Red subscribers.

Access to Youtube Red is free if you have a subscription to Google Play Music and vice versa. It's currently only available in the USA.

Have you signed up or know anyone who's signed up for it? (Or would you sign up if it was available in your country?) Personally I wouldn't sign up myself (ads aren't a problem for me, not to mention there are ad-blockers anyway) but people do say it's a good deal for those who subscribe to Spotify, etc (get music streaming service of Google Play Music and Youtube Red with one montly payment). 

More information here: Cnet article
I don't think I would get that. There's usually only one 30 second ad before a video. Most of the time, you can just click Skip Ad, anyway.
AceTy31 said:
I don't think I would get that.  There's usually only one 30 second ad before a video.  Most of the time, you can just click Skip Ad, anyway.
Get ready for that to change.  Time to create a rival video streaming site.
AceTy31 said:
I don't think I would get that.  There's usually only one 30 second ad before a video.  Most of the time, you can just click Skip Ad, anyway.
Plus there are many YouTube video down-loader apps available  now.
I'm not really sure how this impacts my earnings from Youtube. I haven't been a partner for long so I have very little to compare to.

If I were in the US I'd probably sign up. Google play music is pretty sweet.
I don't see the point in getting YouTube red unless of course you have some extra money lying around. I think normal YouTube is more than enough, why would anyone get Youtube red is beyond me. It has some differences but not that important that I'd consider paying for it. I would keep normal YouTube and would only consider red if it really brings something that I can't live without


New Member
Google is already messing up the whole site, they've changed many things that somehow don't allow many YouTubers to do most of the things they used to right before they came up with those rules and stuff, come on, seems like they're going to turn it into a kind of Netflix, which is something that most users were scared of, indeed. Charging 10 bucks to remove ads is one of the dumbest things ever, for real. I'd rather remove them myself or leave them there instead of paying $10 to them for doing the same thing.
I don't see the point for Desktop since there are adblockers which block YT ads pretty well. Ublock for example (as adblocker has sold itself out smh). I could see a use out of it for mobile users though. Personally, I'd rather watch a 30 second ad than pay real money to remove it. Hell, I'd rather not watch any videos than pay money to youtube, which makes plenty of it already from ads.

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