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PSVita Wipeout Tracks [Music]

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Anile Change Of Direction (WipEout mix)
Camo+Krooked Breezeblock (WipEout mix)
Deadmau5 Some Chords (WipEout edit)
DirtyLoud School Of Funk
DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans Louder (Drum Sound & Baseline Smith Mix)
Future Sound Of London We Have Explosive (2011 rebuild) WipEout edit
Kraftwerk Tour De France 2003 (WipEout edit)
Noisia Regurgitate (WipEout 2048 Edit)
Orbital P.E.T.R.O.L (Final Drop Mix)
Orbital Beelzedub
Rockwell BTKRSH (WipEout edit)
The Chemical Brothers Electronic Battle Weapon 3
The Prodigy Invaders Must Die (Liam H re-amped mix)
Underworld Kittens (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix)


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Glad to see old schoolers Kraftwerk made the cut. The original TDF was one of my fave tracks of theirs. They even predicted online dating 20yrs before it happened with their track Computer Love. Now that's what I call being ahead of your time!


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A racing game without quality music is a fail. But Wipeout? It looks like they know what they're doing. I have the need for speed, Wipeout style.


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It'll be hard to top this. Even GT will need to really pull out all the stops. Wipeout is just a very, very polished franchise. Even down to the tiny details like music.

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