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Where do you NGP forum members live?

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Are most of you from North America, Europe, Asia? Is English your primary language?

I'm interested in where do most of the people excited about the NGP come from.


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Norfolk....not the one in the U.K., but the one in Virginia in the U.S.
It may be cold and windy in Finland, and Kazan may not be the best city in the world, but Norfolk is slowly sinking in to the Chesapeake Bay. Several inches per year in fact.

However I think that we can agree that no matter where we live, we all have it better than Japan right now. To be thrashed by both land and water, and then add in what could become the worst nuclear disaster in human history....man. If the NGP gets delayed now, hey it's perfectly OK. They have far more pressing issues to tend to.

Here's to hope that the Land of the Rising Sun does indeed rise again ;)!!

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