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What is your favourite genre?

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New Member
Mine possibly has to be platforming, you can't go wrong with a platformer. It's easy to code, easy to support, easy to play and usually very fun.

Alternatively, I could go for "indie" but I don't see that as a genre because of how ridiculously diverse it is. One indie game's a retro RPG, another is a 2D MOBA, another is a sandbox, etc. I think that it should not be its own genre.


New Member
It's hard to choose an absolute favorite genre, but I guess it'd have to be platforming as well. So many games now combine multiple genres it's hard to classify them as a set one. My least favorite genre would be fighters like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. This is mainly because I am TERRIBLE at them, so I lose interest very quickly. I've never been able to learn all the combos and moves associated with fighters.


New Member
I really like games that focus on the story, and usually that's action-adventure games or RPGs. However, there aren't any particular genres that I try to stay away from, if I had to choose a least favorite genre it'd probably be FPS just because of how generic most FPS have gotten now-a-days.


New Member
My favorite genre would have to be role-playing games because it allows you to go on a journey that many other genres would not be able to give. The worlds in role-playing game have longer to flush out the lore, creating a more emotional connection to the world and it's people. I prefer the old turn-based style of role-playing games instead of the action oriented style that they are heading towards.


New Member
I like to play action, war and racing games. Anyway as you people said it is hard to decide in what genre a game belongs in since a modern may be a combination of several genres. A good example of this is the GTA series because it includes shooting, racing and action.
A close tie between hack-and-slash and fighting games. What can i say, i like my action fast paced!
But those two aside, i can always enjoy every other genre out there, the game just has to be good.


New Member
I really love Action & Adventure the two aspects really tie into each other as shown in Skyrim and other games as such. It just gives the player 2 things to experience. For example: Hitman Absolution is an on-going conquest in order to protect an innocent girl that is trying to be captured by the 'bad guys' along with the adventure it really brings the game together that gives it a fun difficulty!
Really hard to say. It used to be FPS games but recently I've maybe moved a bit more towards RPGs and strategy games.
The good thing is, the way the industry is going, maybe soon we will see more games that combine features from all of the 3 above.


Mine would probably be the hack and slash genre. Back in the 2D generation, my favorite was the beat em up genre, so I think it was only natural for me to gravitate to the hack and slash one once the 3D era came along. A close second for me would be the fighting game genre, but I don't like playing that alone very much.


New Member
I also enjoy the games that focus more on the story than the action and graphics, that's why I was so disappointed by RE6 because it focused too much on the boss battles and making everything so action packed, the storylines were overlooked too much I thought. I guess I'm too old fashioned when it comes to games these days, at least that's what my younger brother says about me.


New Member
I think I like RPG types the best. Fighting ones are pretty good too, nice way to blow off some steam


New Member
I prefer RPG type games. I feel they tell the best stories and I've lost my twitch reflexes needed for playing FPS :)


Definitely open-world or action/adventure games. I also love games which mix a variety of genres e.g the Uncharted series, which combines action and adventure, with puzzles and shooter style game-play.


I really like RPGs. Skyrim in one of my favorites. But my favorite is probably shooters, either 1st person or 3rd person. I like Call of Duty and Halo, two of my favorite FPS, even though CoD isn't that good anymore. Titanfall is another FPS I like. I love 3rd person games like Gears of War, my favorite game franchise, and Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, etc. I wish a new Rainbow Six game would come out because it mixes 1st person with 3rd person, which is awesome.


For me, there can only be one answer: Tetris. I could say the NES Tetris, but lets face it, it's pretty much the same on any platform. EA did a damn fine job with their version on XBL/PSN and may actually be my favorite version of the game, as it has over a dozen different game modes and a ranked competitive ladder that lets you play against up to 5 players. Menu system isn't as intuitive as it could be, but whatevs.

Honorable mentions for games that came close (or as close as they could possibly get to Tetris):
Final Fantasy X
Diablo II
Super Mario World
League of Legends.
I love turn-based RPG and tactical turn-based RPG. Too bad most RPGs are leaning towards the action gameplay style. I guess that is what makes turn-based RPG and tactical turn-based RPG special in my opinion as not all types of gamers has the determination to understand the mechanics of these 2 genre. All gamers can play FPS games and action RPGs, but not everyone can play and understand turn-based and tactical turn-based RPGs.

But I do play other genre as well, particularly strategy games. I remember back in the day when Starcraft was the thing, when I am logged in to my Garena account I play no other game other than Starcraft. XD

I also play stealth games like Thief and Tenchu and some FPS games. I'm also into Visual Novels, though this is a genre that typical western gamers wouldn't get into. (>_<)


New Member
I'm definetely a FPS guy.
I've played FPS games ever since Doom and duke nukem 3D.
These days I mostly play Battlefield 3/4 and the Call of Duty games, depending on my mood. The CoD games are a little more competitive and fast paced which I like :D

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