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PSVita What games do you want to come to the NGP?

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Well-Known Member
I want some survival horror games! And good japanese RPG's, or maybe even some western ones like The Elder Scrolls or Mass Effect. That would be so great. Also, I'd love to see a Vanquish (PS3) port, but that will probably never happen. Also, Castlevania! And Sonic! Gah, I'm such a dreamer.. Most of these games will probably never happen.


Well-Known Member
super street fighter 4 arcade edition
shadow of the collosus
dragon age
darksiders 2
GTA san andreas
red dead redemption
dead space
resident evil


Well-Known Member
I just saw this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkxhBY0VnT0 on Youtube. It's Playstation 3 footage, but DAMN! I would love to have something like that on the NGP. An online co-op Resident Evil, with the oldskool controls and fixed camera. I can imagine myself playing this at night with my headphones on, talking to the friend I'm playing it with through the built in microphone. Both exploring different parts of the mansion, to solve different puzzles only to get to a big ass zombie-baws that you have to defeat together. Setting up meeting points to exchange ammo (or parts to a puzzle the other player might need to be able to continue), while you hear the other guy scream because a zombie jumped onto him from inside a closet! I really have to stop doing this to myself.. Capcom won't ever do it! And if they will, it will probably be for the PS3 or Xbox 360..


Well-Known Member
super marvel vs capcom 3 !!but by the time they get around to making the game for ngp it will be called "super marvel vs capcom 3: fate of two worlds mega deluxe arcade edition alpha plus" or SMVC3FoTWMDAEAP for short


Well-Known Member
call of duty
little big planet 2 that connects with ps3
somekind of cartoon racer game
lots of high quality cartoon games, fun.
batman arkusum or however its called
love to see full resolution games like little diviant colorful games etc.
resident evil game
kingdom hearts game
final fantasy game
some kiddy games like lego island remake or something
tons of rpg's full glorious 3D worlds lik oblivion / skyrim etc.
new red dead redemption game or just a port
la noire
heavy rain port or sequal
killzone linked towards ps3 version ( mp department )
amnesia game :p
gta games for sure gta4/5 would be great

I hope they do change from 2d > 3d games now mostly that look actually great instead of crap. I often found psp games looking really unattractive.


The Eternal Poster
cant wait for a god of war to be announced. hope ready at dawn is gonna make it because psp versions where just amazing, even if they where on ps2 they where incredebly great.


Well-Known Member
I'd really like to see someting like Colony Wars/Wing Commander/Freespace 2 come out on the Vita...Galaxy on Fire 1/2 is fun but doesn't quite have the depth I want in a space fighter sandbox game. It would be nice to implement a realtime model like Dust 514, only this model won't be driven by players in Eve. It could be a fictional world changing via an online database. This would give direction and purpose to the missions. Having a history and a future represented in the game, as a real function instead of a storyline, increases the longevity exponentially.


Well-Known Member
I just think the Wipeout teams aren't as great as the characters in F-Zero. I'll probably get it on the NGP though, it was one of my first PSP games.
While I agree with you that the characters are better in F-Zero, the problem is we've been waiting for over a console's lifetime for a sequel and never received one. Nintendo sits on gold, yet does nothing with it. As far as the story mode is concerned, I actually thought that was one reason why GX was horrible. It was just unnecessary and felt cheap and slapped on at the last minute.

On top of that, Wipeout's soundtrack is better than GX. Nothing can beat X though.. why they abandoned the rock soundtrack in the GC version is beyond me.


Well-Known Member
Maybe it's that I've been out of the Wipeout series a while (Since WipeoutXL) but the track design between F-Zero and Wipeout is radically different. I don't recall any magnetic rails, variable friction ground layers, or jump ramps in Wipeout. Wipeout had falls, and the models had poor aerodynamic performance in the air. F-Zero models were pretty much bricks as well, but the flight path was a predictable arc. I hope Wipeout has changed since then, but I see no evidence of it in gameplay videos. The fact is, anti-gravity racing has a LONG way to go in evolution. F-Zero and Wipeout are nowhere near maturity in terms of gameplay. There needs to be a more diverse environment with less artificial barriers. The models need to have an actual glide-ratio based on pre-calculated aerodynamics of the craft, able to control their glide path by thrust and angle of attack, roll, pitch and yaw. Any craft that hovers must use these elements as a foundation for gameplay. None of these games come close to that.

Speaking of futuristic racing, I forgot to add a very cool title I play on my iphone: Jet Car Stunts. It's similar to Stunt Drivin' and Trackmania, but has a highly addictive platform element. I'd love to see a more complex track set make it to the Vita, and more detail--so long as they preserve the buttery smooth framerate.

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