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PSVita What do you think the NGP's final name be?


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PS3P is definitely a good possibility. I still believe that they will go for a name without a number considering that their most recently named products were the PSP Go and the Playstation Move. People speculated Arc would be the name for the motion controller which later became the Move.


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I like PS3P. It's a clever play on the system's processing power. But in the end it will most likely be called the PSP2. 3DS killer perhaps????
I don't really think it will be the PSP2 because if they thought it was a good name, they would have announced it from the beginning. For them to call it the next generation portable and then go back to PSP2, its kind of a let down in building up the excitement.
PS3 Micro, PS3 Mobile, PS3 Portable. I'm really used to saying PS3 slim so I don't think it sounds bad to add an extra bit to the end.


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New update:
Oh yeah, Yoshida-san also said that NGP is just the console's codename, and the real name will be announced later this year -- PSP2 just rolls off the tongue, now doesn't it?

Later this year could really mean anytime but it seems to imply we may not know the real name for a while.
I think the name will be PSP2, but that's not my real concern right now, my real concern is: Will they change the so good looking(IMO) PlayStation logo on the NGP?


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I'm also getting used to "Sony NGP". I don't think it'll be called PSP2, since it's so much more than just a new Playstation Portable.
NGP is a great name and if it where to be called psp2 people would think that they where relatives (play UMD's, crappy graphics, just another extension of psp) ngp furthers it from the psp witch i personally did not like after a wile.

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