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I've spent the entire Christmas Day getting ready for this change.

I did several tests to ensure that I get everything imported over from my two sites: PSVitaForum, and DestroyRepeat.

DestroyRepeat.com members, please meet PSVitaForum members. Now, before we get to the whole "What the fuck? Our PSVitaForum?" Well, actually yes. The owner of DestroyRepeat merged a small PSVita site into DR, so it really does not matter which domain name you came from... Welcome each other.

PSVitaForum.com users has been informed of these changes that would take place this year, so as of right now... I am talking to you DestroyRepeat members.

What happened!?
While @aNi was trying to sell off CallofDutyAdvancedWarfare.com & AdvancedWarfareForums.com (which I now own, too), I inquired about DestroyRepeat.com - It was at this point that the site was struggling to find it's own identity after the switchover from TitanFallGamer (TFG), which has been recognized by Respawn, Electronic Arts, and other big names.

I've always wanted to buy this site. I've always wanted an influential community like this. So, when @aNi and I agreed to a price. It was right at the wrong time, and the wrong place. I'd already spent my $1000 check from the government over work-related issues. From there, I had to figure out how to find the money. I paid him little by little, I tried to stall it as much as possible. I tried to be as honest with @aNi about the funds - keeping him updated, updated and updated frequently. We even got into a few arguements. :( Earlier this year, I came to a fork - by being offered the opportunity to acquire PSVitaForum. And trust me, you'd drop everything in order to get this site. Which I precisely did. This site gathers so much traffic, that it wasn't even funny. The previous owner was sitting on a fucking gold mine! As I write, the site has gathered around 818k pageviews. What does that mean? Well, you're reading this page, right? That's a single request to a page.

In August, I found a job and I was able to slowly pay everyone off. I owed 3 people at the same time. I had small setbacks, but I persevered, persisted, and clawed my way to success. On December 10th, I paid the final check to [the former] DestroyRepeat owner, @aNi

What do you plan to do with DestroyRepeat?
Nothing. You're seeing it. The change has already occurred. I will continue to grow this community. I will manage it as I have over the last year with PSVitaForum. As much as you needed an identity, PSVitaForum users wanted that, too.

I spent $1,400 to completely take over DestroyRepeat.com and absorb the xenForo database(s) under DestroyRepeat. That shows how much I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I'm not done with DestroyRepeat, however... I plan to revamp DestroyRepeat. The redesign costs a lot of money, so please be patient about it. The temporary skin is as you see now.

WTF? How did I get here?
Well, @aNi ran a few forums and merged them into DR. Here's the list:

- TitanFallCentral
- TitanFallGamer
- BulletStorm Forum
- PSVita-Forum.com

I on the other hand merged:

- CarlosX360 Community
- PSVitaForum.com
- MVC3Forum.com
- MetalGearFans.com
- Unreal Tournament Forums

Who are you? Why should I care?
You don't have to care, but I'm good at what I do. I'm a marketing guy. Across my entire network, I've gathered over 1.8 million pageviews, 700,000+ Unique Visits and Sessions. Once I have a vision, I want to see to the end.

I own a company that intends to go far in this industry. PSVitaForum and DestroyRepeat is the stepping stone to that goal. All I need is to have members talk about the site, spread the word. Read articles, Post, Respond to others, Facebook it, Tweet it, 1+ it, and more.

Do you have any questions? I will answer them! :)

Once again, welcome to DestroyRepeat! Welcome to the new DestroyRepeat!
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Now if we could only get people creating threads and posting more.
I just used DestroyRepeat's Facebook to communicate with the previous users. I'll work on Twitter and the mass e-mail. I wanted to wait until the propagation of PSVitaForum.com > DestroyRepeat.com redirection and the propagation of DestroyRepeat.com to be complete.

I literally couldn't view the site. It was going to two different old locations of DR.
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