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Vulcan [XB1 / BF1] - howdy y'all

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by xVULCANx 13, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. xVULCANx 13

    xVULCANx 13 New Member

    Hey guys, great to be here.

    I'm a Battlefield 1 player on Xbox, looking forward to connecting / playing with y'all. I'm primarily a medic, assault is my second favorite kit.

    I'm currently practicing with a competitive squad for Incursions. The team is Guardians of Olympus, and we're part of the [TACT] platoon. I also enjoy casual pub matches, very excited for the new Russian DLC.

    I'm a recruitment officer for the clan (~60 strong at the moment), so hit me up if you're currently lone wolfing and looking for a group to roll with. I'm happy to make an intro.

    Xbox: xVULCANx 13
    Twitter: @xVULCANx_13
    Reddit: xVULCANx_13
    Kik: xVULCANx_13
    Discord: xVULCANx 13
    Platoon: www.tactgaming.net
  2. Carlos

    Carlos Owner Staff Member

    Welcome to DestroyRepeat! Thanks for re-registering! I was in the middle of merging both BF1Forum and DestroyRepeat when you registered.
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  3. xVULCANx 13

    xVULCANx 13 New Member

    Haha thanks Carlos. I did notice that!
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