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PSVita Vita's "Party" feature question (?)

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Hi, I was wondering if any of you guys know if the Party chat feature allows chat during gameplay, I know its a dumb question, obviously its party so it would, but so far every gameplay i have seen says that "the network features have been disabled"...i dont get it. then how are we supposed to use this cross game chat feature if it gets disabled during games.?


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It's supposed to allow 8-way crossgame chat. At the moment any games that reads Vita's gyros disables all network functions. Someone said Hot Shots Golf did it fine; but they got cut off as soon as they went into the first person view that used the gyros. There's a theory that it might be intentional to conserve the battery or maybe it just needs a lot of RAM to work.... could even be a bug. Sony hasn't commented either way.

Strangely I'm told the 3DS does the same thing with Zelda; not that it would matter as the 3DS has no net functions.


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thanks for the information, i hope sony fixes this. its really bugging me.
True that man, if they don't standardize such an important feature as necessary, then what's the point of having it if you can't use it on all games? I mean c'mon, Uncharted, arguably the flagship title, even disables network features! They need to stop that ASAP!

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