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The PSN ID Sharing Thread

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Active Member
Feel free to add me! Like it says in my sig, it's StiXzy.

Mostly playing (J)rpg's, visual novels, some shooters and other random stuff.
Lately I've been playing Freedom Wars (currently up to Code 7).


Active Member
Add me psn id is jasonlburnett. I play killzone mercenary, Duke nukem 3d, freedom wars, minecraft, terraria, cod black ops, lbp.... The list goes on


I <3 Innuendos.
Note: When you post your PSN ID please try to list a few games and consoles you have or plan to get. They help a bunch. ^^


New Member
I have been a PS Vita player for 2.5 years and finally found this forum. Glad to see there are people playing PS Vita. Add me PSN ID: Devon1cl3


New Member
Feel free to add me: Sir_Alojolo

I own a PS4 and a Vita.
I'm new to Vita but I will be buying my games soon!

By the way, I don't want immature or disrespectful people as friends, just cool and relaxed people, thank you.
Best regards!
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New Member
Hi friends im a gamer and im giving some love to my ps vita, have lost of games 25+ add me HENRYTEK_787 and post your id welcome!!!


Active Member

Add me as my friends list is small. Please let me know who you are so I won't decline.

Also I do not play online a lot, but I do at times. If you are cool with chatting while playing I'm game!

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