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The PSN ID Sharing Thread

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My PSN is DrGabenator

I'm currently playing games such as Killzone: Mercenary, Mortal Kombat, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and Soul Sacrifice. :)


Totally new to Vita, loving Motorstorm RC but no one to compare times to! Feel free to add me.



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Hey guys, new Vita recruit. Playing PS All Stars Battle Royale, Killzone: Mercenary and Soul Sacrifice.
Add me up for some games.
PSN: ranjha187


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Add me nok1888. currently playing on PS3, COD Ghosts, Battlefield 3 and on Vita I have Killzone Mercenaries, Soul Sacrifice, just started Ragnarok Odyssey (not Ace), Sonic Racing Transformed and Dungeon Hunter Alliance
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Add me! xToastedBagelsx
I have PS4 and the Vita. For the PS4: NBA 2K, COD Ghosts, and just Bought Battlefield :). Also all the free PS4 games.

Vita: I only have walking dead right now :/


I <3 Innuendos.
I have been getting a lot of random friend requests, please put in the message box under add as friend that you are from psvitaforums, psindependent, or the forums.
I have 3 Youtube Channels so I receive lots of friend requests, many I have to delete...

dawi shalhoub

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ADD ME dmoney5624! I have a PS3,PS4, and PS Vita. I have MK,UMVC3,LBP,TEARAWAY,LEGO BATMAN, LEGO LOR, KZM, NFS, SOUL SACRIFICE, UNCHARTED, WIPEOUT, GRAVITYRUSH, SONIC RACING, PS4GOLDEN, PLAYSTATION ALLSTARS, BLAZBLUE, STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN, and so many other games I can't even remember right now. Just tell me who you are (psindependent) and I will add. Always looking to add more playstation gamers :)


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PSN: mtgnoob411. im 16, i normally cant talk cuz im grounded and my parents dont know i have a vita, but im normally with people who can, and im on almost eveynight 10-2am eastern time. i have killzone, terraria, nfs, mortal kombat, and toukiden which i rarely play, feel free to add me, tell me ur from vitaforums tho in the friend request plss


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anyone may add me~ psn: Solar-Sceptile

I play adventure games, soon I get Injustice and marvel vs Capcon 3
still new to the Vita and some friends would be nice! maybe a LBP2 advanture is something? :D
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PSN ID: xStarryuta
Feel free to add me, but don't forget to let me know where you're adding me from!
Online/Coop games I have so far: Soul Sacrifice and Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend.


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Feel free to add me. I have a PS3 & a VITA and play most games.

Looking to get into LBP and Soul Sacrifice on vita

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