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The centralization of the internet is a problem.

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John Landbruke

New Member
Over the past few years, the new people coming online have mostly been just visiting a few major websites, this has giving websites like Google and Facebook huge almost monopoly-like powers over the internet. The problem is when companies get too big they do not fear pissing off users which leads to them banning user they don’t like knowing that no one is really going to see what they say as a lot of people don’t even search out for other websites.

Do you trust these platforms with this much power over its users?


Staff member
As long as they know how to enforce their own rules, then yeah, I do. The problem isn't the platform, the problem is the users. Right now, GDPR is a concern for a lot of online businesses. I understand that GDPR is trying to solve a problem that started in the internet hacks over the last few years, but this is not the way to solve it.

After the GDPR rules were made aware to online businesses, many companies started to do the following: Move their users back to their own servers, where their business resides. And amended privacy policies just to be in compliance with the regulations. Many e-mails were sent to notify users about the changes, even if they were there to begin with.

By moving their users back to their servers, they retain control over users. Facebook recently did that with their users. It's a good move, because the whole point of these regulations are to tax corporations who are negligent about security. All of these hackings over the last few years affected not just U.S. citizens, residents, and people who live here, EU were affected, an unfortunate collateral damage in this whole situation. That's why this came about.

This whole thing is one stupid mess that will be undone in a year, or eventually.

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