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Xbox Live The Bloody Klaws Recruiting on XBOX One now!

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Thread starter #21
You are most welcome. The clan has been growing beyond my expectations and BF1 will just be getting better as we grow.

To get in, just go to the main menu in BF1 and hit the left trigger. This will bring up the tab with Platoons on it. Once there, search out The Bloody Klaws and then join the platoon from that screen.

Make sure you look for THE Bloody Klaws, that "The" has been causing some issues with finding the clan according to some new recruits.

The squads had another great weekend of success, new members and some really lame time spent on trying to get everyone into the same game. {They REALLY need to fix this, we spent an hour yesterday just trying to get 4 people together in a lobby. }

Make sure to add me as a friend so I can find you.
Hi yes hello my name is eusue. I PTFO and I play my role. I excel at each class except for the scout class. If yo would like to recruit me, my gamertag is eusue on XBox One.
Dont know if your still looking for people my gt is awsomekiller789 to me any gun that shoots is a good gun so any class is good for me i like playing the objective I do have a mic and I just recently got bf1 but I've been playing battlefield since battlefield bad company 2 so I'm a decent player in my eyes
Hey I am on the east coast, but usually stay up till midnight. Joining clan after this match then will look for people to add. GT is Slo fox
Hey im interested in joining the clan also 420 friendly im a pretty god player all around im 24 and im on almost all the time my gt is Unt0uchAbLe1738 (the o is a zero) also got a mic
Thread starter #32
Fantastic! Welcome welcome all ye battle hardened warriors. If you need directions follow the top post on this page to get in.

We are growing! join today and enjoy the warm feeling of victory.
Thread starter #33
The Clan is growing! act now to make it in before the 99 limit is achieved. We thank the MURK clan for supporting the KLAWS, and GOLD can go drown themselves. :}

"European nations began World War I with a glamorous vision of war, only to be psychologically shattered by the realities of the trenches. The experience changed the way people referred to the glamour of battle; they treated it no longer as a positive quality but as a dangerous illusion. Virginia Postrel"
Hey guys i would like to join my gt is defKanker
I play as a assault class (lvl 24)
I like to play with other
Im not a run and gun type of player i like to play the objectif.
Thread starter #35
Last round of recruiting going on now! Join up with the most fun, awesome and effective squad in the entire Western Front. Recruiting will close on Friday, so don't miss your chance.

"Over the top boys!"
Last round of recruiting going on now! Join up with the most fun, awesome and effective squad in the entire Western Front. Recruiting will close on Friday, so don't miss your chance.

"Over the top boys!"
Hey I'm interested in joining the platoon!! Been looking for something like this. My gamertag is TopSide3 Add me so I can get in on the fun!
45 year old 420 supporter level 99 looking for some fun people to kill with... lol... The name is TwistedTim and Id be a great addition to your clan :)
Thanks so much!
Greetings and salutations!

I put a Platoon together - The Bloody Klaws {KLAW} I am 40 years old and a long time BF vet. I prefer communication, and playing to win always. Its 420 friendly, playing at all hours currently, most games start at 7-9 PST and sometimes go all night if its a good lobby.

I am looking for folks who know how to use the classes properly, can put up with weirdness and bong hits as we conquer all and kill all the things.

Its an open Platoon right now, I have not filled all officer positions yet, so its first come first served! :}
I would love to join danielluckyshot is my Gamertag add me

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