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Xbox Live TACT Gaming is recruiting [XB1]

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Thread starter #1
Hey guys, I introduced myself in the intros thread. Great to be here.

Wanted to let you know that my platoon, TACT Gaming is looking for awesome players to PTFO with. We're 60 members strong, so there's plenty of activity and engagement.

Apply at www.tactgaming.net and hit me up when you do so I can help expedite your application review. I can also answer your questions below.

There's no set time commitment, just stay active and engaged and work with the team. There are some rules but they're not difficult to follow. Bring a mic!

We're a pretty mature clan, we have a mixture of casual and competitive players, and we have a range of skill sets. Like I said, all are welcome -- being a dedicated team player will be valued above K/D here. I've seen folks with 0.50 K/D turn into BEASTS after a month or two with TACT.

See you on the field. I'll check back here regularly.


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