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PSVita Sound Quality?

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The Eternal Poster
Hey guys,
I was wondering, since on my PSP I can remember some games (God of War Ghost of Sparta) having bad voice sound quality. The music and sound effects where always really great but some of the voices sounded like NDS quality. So I was thinking about wether they saved recources on Vita in the sound quality??? I hope not becuz I really want to get the console experience and though many don't know that but that can only be achieved by great sound. I also like to know if you get virtual 5.1 surround sound through the 3.5mm jack when using a 5.1 pair off headphones.
Another question that goes through my mind is about the on board speakers. How are they?
I didn't know if this thread should be in System or Q&A :D
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The Eternal Poster
Wow thanks mate,
So that article basically says the Vita's audio is way more advanced than that of modern phones and portable audio devices like MP3 players and such. That is great news. The article also say's that though it won't be connected to a 7.1 setup it will deliver fidelity and soundquality very similar and sometimes even better than PS3's. That is great news and my ears will be very happy when using my Sennheiser 280 pro headphones on it :p


Active Member
No problem mate any time. Am gonna be using my akg k450 headphones. There very good i got it after reading what hi fi reviews

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