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PSVita Sony NGP Lecture at GDC 2011

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GDC 2011 organizers have revealed a first-ever Sony lecture on its NGP handheld, also debuting a GDC Microtalks line-up including David Jaffe and Epic's Rod Fergusson on producing the Gears Of War trilogy.

The complete GDC conference schedule is now available on both GDC Schedule Builder and the newly launched, smartphone-centric GDC Mobile site.

- In a newly confirmed Sony-sponsored session, SCEA's David Coombes will present a lecture called 'Next Generation Portable Platform', presenting the first public discussion of its new portable gaming platform at GDC 2011.

The talk description simply notes: "In this presentation we will introduce a new handheld console. We will talk about the devices broad range of input and connectivity options and how these create exciting new opportunities for game designers."

What do you expect to find out? I am most anticipating a release date, price, final name, more games in development, and new features as well as some more hands on footage.
maybe more hands on footage, and hopefully more info on the 3G and how it will operate in the western markets. I bet the price and release date will wait until E3. That would be sweet if they told us the price because then i would go and get my pre-order already. Oh yeah and the final name i mean why not? i have a feeling psp2 is not it its just not catchy and simple like psp or iPod.
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The talk is going to be specific for game designers however game designers don't want to waste their time on a system that could be unaffordable so I think we have a good chance for a price, and also more clarification. Who knows what else it could encompass. I'll be following it closely and have the reports in the news section as soon as I can.

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