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PSVita Shinobido/Yinlips

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Wow, the Yinlips...It looks really plastic like and cheap. But then again, that's what you get from a knock-off.
I wonder how much they would charge for it . _ .
The shinobido demo sucked imho. I played it at yodobashi and the camera sucks. Touching a wall in the wrong angle knocks the player onto his ass and there are even invisible walls.

Well. That does not make it a bad game right away, but I saw zero progress in terms of gameplay feeling over Tenchu 2.


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Shinobido looks nice but I've seen better. Nothing about it really has that "I've been blown away" factor I expect in a launch game on a new powerful game platform.

As far as the Yinlips, I would be all over that....20 years ago!:)
Actually the capability to run emulators makes it interesting ... a bit. I don't have spare money to buy one, though, but AFAIK it's really inexpensive for the performance it offers.


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According to the specs I saw, it can play android 3D games.
Playing 3D android games is easy. Emulating Wii and 3DS games, not so much.

And yea, this game doesn't look so great. It's not bad like F1 2011 or anything, but the geometry seems to be very angular and basic, and the gameplay looks... tired and old.

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