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PS4 Shenmue 3

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Name: Shenmue III (III is styled as Roman Number 3)
Release Date: TBA 2018
Genre: Action/Beat em' up/QTE Fighter
Developer: Ys Net
Publisher: Deep Silver/Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)

Shenmue is a series owned by SEGA. But SEGA doesn't believe in the Shenmue series to attract a "mass" amount of players. Sega allowed Yu Suzuki to use the trademark, and they themselves renewed the trademark, as well. On one condition: Yu Suzuki would have to fund the development of the game himself. Yu Suzuki crowdfunded the game through Kickstarter, and pitched the game during Sony's E3 2015 Conference dubbed PlayStation E3 Experience. The game went on to meet crowdfunding targets so much, that the game was greenlit. During Gamescom 2017, Yu Suzuki announced that Ys Net and Deep Silver entered into a publishing agreement that would push the game forward.

Shenmue was a Dreamcast title, and so far spanned only two games. Shenmue II was ported to Xbox. Currently, Shenmue III is exclusive to PlayStation 4, and PC until further notice by Yu Suzuki...

E32015 Experience:

Gamescom 2017 Teaser Trailer:
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During Christmas day, Yu Suzuki released a new trailer talking about updates regarding development of Shenmue 3...


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