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Thread starter #1

This is an announcement calling to all Former and potential new members of SC:

In the recent months far too many things have happened behind the scenes at SCHQ, some of you may be aware, some may not. As many know SC has been inactive for quite some time due to many of our senior staff and members becoming too caught up in life and not being able to give the clan enough time. Recently command and control has changed hands and I am here to tell you the Shadow Company (SCHQ) is once again becoming active in the gaming community.

Currently we are in the process of restarting operations such as Recruitment and Squad Activities across the board. We seek anyone willing to give their time to help not only better themselves in the role of 'Squad Member', but to help better the Clan as a whole.

At SCHQ we do not take into consideration ones skill within a game, nor do we frown upon ones lack of knowledge within a game because frankly we were all new and sucked at it some point in our gaming career. Though we do not take skill into consideration, we do ask that all interested members have access to a working microphone and that they be AT LEAST 16 years of age before registering with SC. You must also be willing to dedicate a few nights a week to 'Squad Practice', those times will be predetermined by a 'Squad Leader' and adjusted accordingly.

With the clan slowly coming back online it may take some time for squads to be setup, but the more new recruits we have the easier and better it will be. We hope to have the clan back fully operational and self sufficient by the mid-end of July, of course if we receive more familiar and new faces then we are expecting then that date will be sooner.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me here or on PS4.

When you register an account, please mention my name in the "How did you hear about SC." portion!


Thank you and I hope to see you on the battlefield!

Regards, kakashi897
Thread starter #4

Kakashi897 here looking for devoted gamers to join Shadow Company. Shadow Company is a mature community that has been around since 2008. We enjoy having fun playing games with like-minded people, while staying competitive in game. If this sounds like something you have been looking for we would invite you to join our ranks.

Minimum Requirements:

  • · Must be Mature
  • · Must have a Microphone
  • · Must be 16yo or older
  • Must be able to attend at least 1 practice a week

Shadow Company supports both Playstation 4 and Xbox One with the following titles:

· Battlefield 1

· Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (Soon COD: WWII upon release)

· Destiny 2 (Upon Release)

· Overwatch

Here is a small idea of how Shadow Company operates:

-Military Based System: We conduct practices with a squad that is led by a (SL) Squad Leader and a (SA) Squad Assistant. During practice, you get to work close with your squad members to learn Map Callouts and tactics that will help with alerting your squad to the location of enemies and/or objective targets. Also, we don’t focus on KDR (Kill/Death Ratio) and SPM (Score Per Minute) as our goal is to work together as a community to help everyone become better in game.

-Earn Medals/Ribbons/Awards: No matter what game you play from the list above, you are able to earn special awards, medals, and ribbons! These awards are achievements that are completed by progressing as a team and/or completing skilled achievements in game.

-Family Oriented: All of us here at Shadow Company are family. We realize that real life issues do happen and that is okay. You will not be penalized for not showing up to practice as long as you let the Squad Leader know that you will need to step away. As a family, we will always support out members that need to address issues outside of the gaming world.

My name is Kakashi897, and feel free to PM me stating that you are interested and I will walk through getting started. If you are interested in playing Battlefield 1 just message me and I will set up a date where we can chat and you can get an idea of what Shadow Company is really like!

If interested in signing up please visit www.theschq.com, and be sure to let them know that Kakashi897 sent you.

Thank you and see you in game!

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