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PC Rust Server Looking to Grow

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[h1]DIRECT CONNECT (F1) client.connect[/h1]
Steam Group
Current Map

Map Size = 3800 Map Type = Pro Gen
DISCORD INFO: https://discord.gg/aKdGNF9

Last Map Wipe: 12-07
Next Planned Map Wipe: 12-21
Last BP Wipe: 12-07
Next Planned BP Wipe: 01-04


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Twitch Channel

Events (Every 30 minutes)
  • GunGame
    The rules of GunGame are simple. Each kill you get will advance you 1
    rank, each rank comes with a new weapon. The weapons get harder to
    kill with the higher you go. The first person to get a kill on rank
    18 wins. Kills with a machete will lower the victim's rank.
  • Chopper Survival
    Survive as long as you can against waves of enemy helicopters that get stronger each round.
  • Arena Deathmatch
  • Car Races
Installed MODS
  • Z-Levels ReMastered: 0.5% gain per level (Capped @ lvl 20 (2x))
  • Rideable Horses: Tame and ride horses, for real!
  • Rafts: Build/Upgrade a raft and sail around!
  • Box Sorter: This plugin gives players the ability to setup Sorting Boxes which have configurable Item Categories and the ability to sort only specific items
  • Bot Spawn: Spawns new scientist AI around monuments
  • Car Spawns: Up to 3 cars spawn on the map around the roads. These cars take fuel, damage, hold up to 4 people, have a 36 slot inventory and persist thru restarts
  • Remover Tool: If you place a wall by mistake, you can remove it!
  • Sign Artist: Permission is granted as requested thru the forum
  • Easy Vote: Every 5 votes grants you a supply signal
  • Night Lantern: Lights go on at night (No fuel consumption)
  • Fancy Drop: I only use this so a minimum of 5 people have to be on server for an AirDrop to occur
  • Player Counter: Know how many people are on currently
  • Time of Day: 55 min Days/ 5 min Nights
  • Player Challenges: Compare yourself to other players on the server in certain categories. Leaders get tags added to their names in game!!
  • Real Time Wipe Info: Dont be surprised, know when the next wipe is gonna happen
  • Enhanced Hammer: Right click and upgrade 1 wall, and it switches to upgrade mode, then you can simply keep left clicking on all walls
  • Easy Furnace: Drop a stack of ore in an empty furnace and it auto splits, puts wood in and starts. Magic!


***Please visit website for more details and rules***
Wipe day hype! Some new premium plugins added such as

Security Cameras (working yes!)
Grenade Launchers (noob tubes!)
Flare Gun

Hope to see everyone in today, $10 Steam card giveaway streamed live tonight @9pm EST for all active players.
We have RaidNotice plugin so you can have Discord PM you when getting raided.

We also have a new CUSTOM plugin you will find ONLY on this server
When you log off:
Hour 1 Offline = normal protection
Hours 2-12 = 2x base protection
Hours 13-24 = 1.5x base protection
After 24 hours offline = 1.0x base protection

You might say, there's a plugin out there that does exactly this. AntiRaidProtection
This is similar but much more refined. First this uses TC Auth and not who placed the block.
This also has custom messages for when you enter the TC area telling you the protection value.

This is a HUGE plugin and on top of the other great plugins we offer at Rust In Peace I feel we offer a premium experience for the players and continue to strive to be the best.

We at RustInPeace value quality players over quantity. We strived to offer a NON-TOXIC environment for everyone to enjoy

If you like what you see please click below for the full server details.
Today the Rust server fully wipes

• The server will come down around 445pm EST & be back up @5pm EST
Map Size = 3850
• No new mods this wipe cycle although new ones will be added soon
• Community Center/Event Arena will be constructed Saturday morning on stream
• $10 Steam card giveaway LIVE @9pm EST on Twitch TWITCH CHANNEL
• To be eligible for the giveaway must be an active player tonight

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