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ROCCAT "Cross" - Latest Headset from ROCCAT

Discussion in 'Tech Central' started by xNoobshot, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. xNoobshot

    xNoobshot Member

    ROCCAT, for those whodon't know is a well-known peripherals manufacturer. ROCCAT has tons of useful stuff from keyboards and mice to a dedicated keyboard for your phone.


    Well today I want to bring you the latest headset from ROCCAT named "Cross". This headset was designed for both PC and mobile users in mind. The ROCCAT Cross is a very handy headset. So, "what do I get with this headset?" you might be asking. Well, to answer that you get a nice quality stereo gaming headset with two included mics (PC and Mobile). The PC Microphone comes with both an audio and mic line so you can plug them into your motherboard and/or front IO ports.


    The ROCCAT Cross is compatible with PC, Mac, mobile, PS4 and Xbox One*. However, with the Xbox one depending on the controller (Xbox One or One S controller) you made need an adapter to use. Below are the requirements and specs of the headset.

    3.5mm jack socket required

    Frequency response:
    Impedance: 32Ω
    Max. SPL at 1kHz: 2Ω
    Drive diameter: 50mm
    Driver unit material: Neodymium magnet

    Sensitivity at 1kHz: -42dB
    Impedance: 2.2kΩ
    Signal-to-noise ratio: 58dB

    Weight (Headset only): 185gr
    PC cable length: 2.35m (detachable)
    jack plug: dual plug 3.5mm (3-pin)
    Mobile/Console cable length: 1.2m (detachable)
    jack plug: single plug 3.5mm (4-pin TRRS CTIA)

    Width 14.9 cm , Height 19.6 cm , Length 8.0 cm , Weight 185 g

    Images & So


    Source & Images from ROCCAT.ORG
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