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Purchased my first Alienware!

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Thread starter #1
As the title says, I purchased my first Alienware PC, the Alienware Aurora R7.


Intel Core i7-8700 @ 3.2GHz
GTX 1070 8GB
1TB HDD+16GB Intel Optane
All-in-one Liquid cooler for the CPU.
Windows 10 Home.

I'm super excited and looking forward to playing on this machine. Will be the best specs I've ever had in any PC. I'll post some videos of performance later to this thread.
Thread starter #3
Alienwares has a reputation of "Overpriced PC." But I digress, congratulations on your new purchase!
This is true. However, at the time of purchasing this system, early May of 2018. GPU prices were inflated. a GTX 1070 was $1,000 that's only a GPU. So in all the system was on sale for $1,550. I'm happy with it so far :)

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