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Project Scorpio Specs detailed

Discussion in 'Xbox' started by Carlos, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Carlos

    Carlos Owner Staff Member

    Microsoft invited Digital Foundry to their Seattle Corporate Headquarters for an World Exclusive first look at Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Scorpio (Codenamed "Project Scorpio"). Digital Foundry posted a few articles, and videos to talk about Xbox Scorpio...

    Here are some of Xbox Scorpio Specs (against Xbox One, and PS4 Pro)...


    Microsoft is telling Digital Foundry that these are the final specs of Xbox Scorpio, but keep in mind, we're just a mere few months away from E3 2017. A lot can change over the next 7 months. PS4 had a last-minute design change before launch, soo... just keep that in mind.

    Microsoft's "final" hardware specs for Xbox Scorpio are as follows...

    Videos by Digital Foundry regarding Xbox Scorpio...

  2. Jamie

    Jamie Founder of FPSForum Contributor

    Jamie D
    Looks pretty impressive!

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