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PixelKnot's PS Vita Impression from Best Buy

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Great Sunday.

I finally got my hands on the PS Vita at my Best Buy today on a demo unit. The boxart cases are definitely tiny compared to the PSP and 3DS cases. Golden Abyss was sold out in the store. When I wrapped my hands around the beautiful thing an senior manager came and welcomed me to the system. He is in love with the Vita (even has a unit in his pocket.) He pulled his rented Vita out and gave me a tour of the features including Near. Impressions from customers he said, have been great. He told me they were impressed mostly by the graphics and the OLED screen. His favorite demo that he played was Gravity Rush. He was thrilled by the game's innovative gameplay.

So onto my impression on the handheld:

- The system looks great in person. I loved the size of the 5 inch screen, and I didn't have a problem with the system's overall size. Visually, the OLED screen was very impressive. Good looking. And the touch screen works like a charm most of the time.

- I was very skeptical of the analog sticks on the Vita seeing how tiny they are. They are not as flexible as I thought they would be, but they still work pretty well. Much better than the stiffy analog nub on the PSP. Not much trouble of my fingers slipping off them. They feel like mini DualShock analogs, however with a shorter range. I do wish they were still bigger though. I love how I can fit my entire thumb on the 3DS's Circle Pad. Overall, pretty good.

- Glad they changed the power switch. Did not like the slide up one on the PSP.
I have turned off my PSP numerous times on accident trying to get out of HOLD mode.

- I have two main physical problems I have with the Vita. The face buttons are too small in my taste. I prefer them to be the size on the PSP. And I believe the right analog stick is too close to them.

- Graphics were stunning in person, especially Fifa Soccer, Uncharted, Virtua Tennis, and Wipeout. Not exactly PS3-quality, but it's pretty close.

- Out of the games I mostly enjoyed were Uncharted, Wipeout, and Gravity Rush. The least impressive game I played was ModNation, the drastic framerate drops makes it difficult to enjoy and the entire game completely unplayable. Fifa Soccer and Virtua Tennis were fun, not into any sports games though. Little Deviants was "meh." But how it used the back touch panel of the Vita was pretty cool.

Escape Plan was an mild disappointment. Not my type of game.
The gameplay was not that fun or interesting. This isn't really better than most of the games you found on the App Store.

I really wanted to play the Stardust Delta demo, but sadly this unit didn't have it. :(

I think it's safe to say that I don't want a Vita anymore. I NEED it!
The PlayStation Vita is one of the most impressive gaming handhelds I laid my hands on. The hardware is fantastic for an handheld and some of the launch titles are highly impressive. I seriously didn't want to go home without one. I wish I had the money at the moment.

I can't wait to get one of these.


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Wow, that senior Best Buy manager is pretty cool, giving you a whole intro to the Vita, I wish the employees at my local Best Buy were as friendly as that.

I also believe that buying the PSVita is a NEED, not something you want. It's too great that you really need to own it. Nothing compares with this handheld, and this is just the beginning.


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Good read, and initially, probably what most people would write with such little time. However, over time, you're going to see glitches and bugs, then more and more....
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Good read, and initially, probably what most people would write with such little time. However, over time, you're going to see glitches and bugs, then more and more....

I'll expect to experience several bugs/glitches when I actually get the handheld.

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