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Thread starter #1
I have done a bit of improvement from my last thread of GFX, but I'm back and want to know what you guys think. Here are a couple of things I've made for people. Nothing really special but hope you guys like them, all tips are welcome.

They're all really nice! I'm not a fan of word-based graphics, but you do a good job with them. One thing I have to say, though, is that the gifs might be a little too slow. The shine covers such a wide area, though it drags across the image so slowly.

I find this one the most outstanding one of your work, I like the color purple + the anon picture In which stands out, nice piece of work, hope to see more from you.
The GOR one looks really good. The dead pool one looks so simle yet so attractive to the eye. And everything else is also very good, you are talented :)

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