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Announcement My official stance on the new GDPR rules

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If you are a EU resident, citizen, or just someone from EU, my official stance towards you guys is that I embrace having you around as a new user. I disagree with the new GDPR rules, so for anyone who come from EU states, countries, or affiliated locations: When you register to DestroyRepeat, you better think about what you're doing before you press "Sign Up." Because if I find out that you want to delete your account, or ask to unsubscribe to any e-mail communication coming from this very site - I am warning you right now: You will face a ban. I welcome you to the site, but I ain't going to deal with people from EU trying to be a bunch of jerks.

I never, never, ever delete accounts unless it's deemed as spam.

I don't care about the information that's "collected" from your being here. I only use the information to find out where to find you, and how to find you. Nothing more, nothing less. Anyone who doesn't understand that: Press the "x" button on your browser, and get the fuck out of my site. I do not care if it hurts my chances of growing this community. I just don't want to deal with bullshit. End of story.

xenForo has a new update, that modifies the software so it complies with the GDPR rules. I already upgraded to that version, just to to be in compliance. I disagree with it, but I will do it if I have to. However, when you communicate with me and you're going to use the GDPR card. I will not even comply as a person, I will straight up ban you. That's my stance.

For current DestroyRepeat users that are EU residents, citizens, or folks from EU: This applies to you, also. The next person asking to delete, unsubscribe, or giving me problems with regards to GDPR will face the ban.

I am only going to say this once: I value your privacy, I always have. Always will. I really, really do not care to use your information for any kind of agenda. If you want to post here, that's fine. But from now on, your username may not have your first and last name. Your profile may not have personal information on it. You may not publish personal information anywhere on this site. This will be your first and last warning.

If you do not agree to these terms, DO NOT register to the site. Like I said before: When you register to DestroyRepeat, you better think about what you're doing before you press "Sign Up."
Not open for further replies.

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