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Makings By Mandy Marie

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Soooo, my spare time is often spent dabbling in Photoshop. Thus, I decided to try to make some money off that by posting some of my stuff on Etsy and RedBubble. Which has been mildly successful, to my great surprise! Lol. But not everything I make is sellable of course, as I do enjoy doing Tumblr photosets and all of that fun stuff. But I figured hey, since there was a shop section here on the board, why not share my work? :)


First, here is my FB page, which has some of my stuff that isn't for sale.

And then my Etsy and RedBubble.

My most popular design has been my Raptor Squad print, from Jurassic World. If you've ever searched for the Squad on Pinterest or Tumblr, you may have seen it. ;)

I also take requests for custom item designs!
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