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PSVita LiveArea, new user interface

Discussion in 'PlayStation' started by Chris, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Chris

    Chris Well-Known Member

    Picture of NGP's new user interface, called LiveArea.


    What makes this different from the XMB is that its geared for touchscreen rather than control with the d-pad or analog stick. Judging from the buttons on the side, it appears that users will be able to flick the screen up and down to access different windows. Most likely the last window will be settings.
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  2. Chris

    Chris Well-Known Member

  3. Bcta_30

    Bcta_30 Member

    I'm very exited about LiveArea... why?

    Well, because I think that XMB limits the multitasking capabilities of both, PS3 and PSP.

    Look at the facts, PS3 can access the XMB while on a game, but you can barely do stuff on it, no multitasking.

    With LiveArea it looks like it will all be over, now we'll get multitasking!
  4. Karoa

    Karoa Well-Known Member

    I agree, the XMB got old throughout the Playstation era, and the LiveArea should allow multitasking, like on the Iphone
  5. thehunter01

    thehunter01 Well-Known Member

    The interesting part about this is, that 1 a9 ~1ghz core will be locked down for the OS. they could run a hell lot with it while still being able to keep the game running on the background ( much like PC ). It can provide for a ton of things as the core is incredible strong. Like voice chat, without actually impacting any peformance of the game + multitasking etc.

    Other devices tend to only have minimal resources for it, as they only dedicated memory towards those functions, all the hardware keeps being occupied by by full resources dedicated towards the game.

    This way they can free up the ram entirely, and just place the stuff out on the core. Which is a hell lot better solution. This actually provides a ton of power for other tasks while the game is on hold.

    You could basically do anything. But the 1 core also provides other solutions, such as voice chat without having to drop in performance etc. Or even other stuff. Hell they could even throw in headtracking without actually in need to sacrifice a ton of performance.

    Cant wait to hear more about it.
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    VITA_OWNER Well-Known Member

    the XMB is a great award winning interface but it's not that great for the ngp
  7. Nipit

    Nipit Member

    I like personally XMB better, this OS looks kinda cheap...
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  8. Mikaru

    Mikaru Well-Known Member

    I agree with Nipit actually. LiveArea looks like a customized phone interface. :(
  9. Luuk.vanRiel

    Luuk.vanRiel The Eternal Poster

    i really missed multitasking on the ps3, a device that powerfull should have been able to at least go to the internet without having to quit the game. Gonna love liverarea for its connectivity and looks. Cmon nikit, it doesn't looks like a phone interface. I've never seen moving 3d bubbles as interface. i kinda like the childis looks of it.

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