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PSVita List of PS Vita games and gameplay videos

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buying psv?

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Organized the list. I've seen requests for a sticky so I'll sticky this one. I'm going to replace the announced games list with this one.


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A youtube video has been uploaded that shows a lot of the Uncharted: Golden Abyss demo for Vita. The people are talking in Spanish though, however anyone who'l interested probably already knows much about the game! Plus the system is shown off quite well at different angles. They also show off a lot of dual analog action in the video, which looks perfect and looks like they function very well. Anyway here it is!!!



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That guys sucks at aiming though. :D
Yea for a second I wonder if that's the analogs themselves, but then I realized that's how was too first time I played Uncharted, and then you get used to it with fast aiming reflexes, can't wait to try out dual analogs for myself, hope I don't have to wait until next year!

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