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Last PC game purchased?

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Titanfall for 10$ off Amazon. I believe they still have it in stock, and I think this sale will be here to stay for a while, as the game desperately needs more players, and they also need to provide people with a cheap alternative for Advanced Warfare.
The last game I purchased was Burnout on Steam which at the time was already priced at about $10 and was the main factor in making me decide to finally get it. I am a big fan of the series and I've always been curious with how this one was but I never had the chance to play it.
The last game I've bought was "Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1" on Steam. It was around 15$ and at first I was incredibly disappointed. It's a port from a game that has already been released for PS3 and PS Vita, and it turned out that it was as great of a port as Final Fantasy 13 has been last year. But after I fixed the crashes, the stuttering audio, the fps drops, the automatic cutscene skips and the controls (yes, it had this many bugs) it was an absolutely amazing game.
The last game I purchased was Valkyria Chronicles. I saw the animation years before, and I finally have the chance to play it since it now has a PC port. I am enjoying it so far, and with only 10 US dollars as the price tag, it is well worth it. My brother found a strategy that makes it feel broken though. Anyway, I am still going to catch up and finish it.
Last PC game I purchased was Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and it was worth every penny! The best thing about the PC version is all the available and upcoming modifications for the game that allow me to experience the game beyond Bethesda's version. Compared to the console versions of PS3 and Xbox 360, I rather own and play the PC versions of Skyrim because it is more dynamic in game play overall.
The last PC game I purchased was NBA 2k14 of the NBA2k series. I bought this game because I am really a fan of basketball, NBA and the series itself. The cover on the game is also Lebron James and he is my favorite NBA player. I did not regret buying it because I enjoyed playing it and also were amazed of the graphics and the new features. I like the Myplayer option in which you can create your own player. The rating of each player is also quite accurate and the game is very realistic and plays can be made.
The last game I've bought was the Star Wars Humble Bundle, for KOTOR. The last games I've bought the "classic" way, not from bundles, were Dragon Age: Origins, Metal Gear Rising, Strike Suit Infinity and Gomo during the Steam sale on holidays.
I think the last PC games I bought were FF7 and BG:2 sometime in the last few sales. Naturally I haven't gotten around to playing them yet... darn Steam sales always nabbing me with unnecessary games..
The recent game for me was Hitman Contracts a remake of the original game and this did improve some missions and in some of them it made them longer like the Slaying a Dragon mission involved shooting the target from a hotel or dressing as a civilian and poisoning the tea so that the target dies from that and better graphics as well. I liked how the game had challenging missions and made you think as you had to see what choices can make you pass the mission and which ones cause issues to rise and making the missions harder which can happen if not careful in the game. It was on special for $1.84 which was a good price and worth it since the game is 10 years old now and was waiting for the game to go cheaper for a few months now.
Weirdly enough, Age of Empires II. I've played that game as a kid, but couldn't find a cd anywhere so when I saw it at dirt cheap price (something like $2) at a local store, I just had to pounce on it and get it. And I still played the standard "just a quick campaign" which spans 6 hours LOL
I snagged the first Witcher game from steam a couple days ago--it was $1.49, I just couldn't not get it for myself. I was actually just thinking about buying it last month, but I changed my mind at the last minute. Really glad I waited now.
For me it was Grim Dawn, and I am very happy with that purchase. RPG's seem to be pretty hit or miss these days but man that game just killed it. Has anyone seen that new DLC with battle arenas for it? I know its only 5 bucks but the reviews are mixed on steam, so I am sort of debating buying it or not.
Injustice on Steam! Needed a good fighting game to play with my friends and with the whole DC movie universe getting started it felt like a good time to give this game a spin, plus it was on sale so that's probably a big part of it hehe

Feels a bit like a MK clone but that's fine, I just wanted a decent game with superheros in it and this is just that. Anyone knows if there's a sequel coming out for this game? Seems like a wasted opportunity if not.


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Cities Skylines. I've been wanting to play the game since it was released because it looked awesome. Finally got it a few months ago and have been playing it quite a lot since then. It's great for sure, haven't played any other proper city simulation games so I have nothing to comapre it to, but I enjoy it a lot.


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The last game i bought for pc was Doom not doom 3 the newest one it's VERY fast paced and you will die a LOT! Well worth it if your a doom fan!

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