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I made a small Sheriff's Office last night!

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So I have been thinking about what to make in my village and so far I have two mines, a Neither portal, a village, and two houses, a bank, a city hall, a storage area, a bunker, 3 lighthouses, a store and a hotel. So I thought hard about it and decided that it needs a Sheriff's Office, so I built one last night. The Pictures are below and I hope that you enjoy it. :)

[GALLERY=media, 810][/GALLERY]

[GALLERY=media, 809][/GALLERY]

[GALLERY=media, 808][/GALLERY]

[GALLERY=media, 807][/GALLERY]

[GALLERY=media, 806][/GALLERY]

[GALLERY=media, 805][/GALLERY]

[GALLERY=media, 804][/GALLERY]

[GALLERY=media, 803][/GALLERY]
Now the real question is who will take the sheriff position?? :D

I really like it because you didn't make it all modern but rather kept the old, country vibe just like you would see it in some states.

The next thing on your list should be a big prison. The sort of thing you would see in western movies with cowboys!

Your village has some awesome buildings.

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