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Hosting your own videos and avoiding YouTube

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John Landbruke

New Member
When you upload a video to YouTube, you lose a lot of the control around the how it is branded, in the early days of YouTube you could customise your channel page and video page a lot more than you can nowadays.

One solution to the branding problems could be for you to host your videos on your own servers, for smaller sites encoding a video with Quality 22 X264 could be enough but for larger sites having a VP9 encode could save a lot of bandwidth.

If you want to larn about how to impermanent a player here is a link to some instructions for that: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_video.asp


Staff member
The problem with this is that videos suck up a lot of your server's bandwidth. HTML5 and VP9 ain't going to save you from the exorbitant amount of bandwidth it uses especially with 4k. The technology just isn't there for serving videos on the cheap. That's why you're seeing less, and less video services, or streaming services, because they cost a lot on a scale.

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