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On May 25th, European Union (EU) is launching a new law called GDPR (which stands for "General Data Protection Regulation") which does not just cover the entire spectrum of the European companies, but it extends its reach across the world. The purpose of this regulatory system in my opinion is to hold corporations responsible for data breaches. Many companies have European customers (that's what the legalese is alluding to) in their marketing sheets, in their websites, ecommerce sites, and GDPR tries to trickle down all the way to website owners. For example, if you registered to Facebook, which the majority of EU residents or citizens have - you can have your account removed if you're a EU resident or citizen. Why? Because many Europeans complained to senators about not having consent to use "x" site after they've registered. That would explain why this thread happened.

However, this isn't going to work, because its stupid. Facebook recently moved a lot of their EU users back to their own servers, which in the past used to be housed on a different server from what I understand. This allows Facebook to retain control of those users - yes, the very EU users that GDPR intends to "cover." This isn't going to work because there are also bad users, trolls, and assholes that just want to mess with people's livehoods. Any one can spoof IP addresses to claim they're from a particular country. Which is one of those reasons why I never, ever delete users, threads, posts, profile posts unless they're spam.

I always pay attention to the latest releases of forum software, blog software, SSL updates, server backend updates, to ensure security. Both from the front end, to the backend. I always pay attention, and upgrade when I can. There are times that I won't be able to do it, like I wasn't able to from March 31st to April 21st. I was going through a massive change that I disagree with, and I still do disagree with it.

I disagree with any of the GDPR rules, regulations, and ideals or ideas. As I mentioned before, I think it's stupid. Because, EU doesn't understand what happens in different situations. What triggered this law is a situation that has been going on since the data breaches of corporate records over the last few years. EU was an unfortunate collateral damage in this. However, this is not the way to solve the problem. EU residents and citizens need to start reading what they are registered to. They need to understand that when you registered to a website - it. is. your. responsibility. I don't want to hear "oops, I registered to the wrong site." No. Because the next person saying "unsubscribe" and/or "delete my account" will now be subject to a straight up ban. And if I see your address pointing to EU, I will from now on IP ban your IP. I am not going to put up with users from EU. I am just about done with this whole situation.

As for "information" collected from you...? I don't care about: Your home address, your real name (and if you have a full name on your profile, I will condense it to your first name, or have it changed to something YOU like, e.g. "Neo," because they're USERNAMES.), how much money you make (besides marketing reasons), I don't even care about sensitive information such as your ID. I'm wired like that. I'm not interested in being evil, I never have, and never will. Not even if my company gets big. I don't care. Maybe some companies do, but I'm not the kind of guy that steals information for my personal agenda. That opens people, organizations, firms, or companies to lawsuits! It's unethical.

The only thing that I collect is already on the server, is already collected by Google Analytics, but we don't see your information, such as real name, address, and whatnot. The information given to us are general idea of where you come from, how long you stay on the site, what keywords you used to find the site, that kind of stuff. That's a good thing. Because we can use this information to find people like you.

From now on: When you register to any one of my sites. You consented to registering. When you get e-mails from me or us, it's not an e-mail list. Its straight from this board. In the coming days or weeks, we're upgrading to a new version of XenForo that includes these GDPR compliances. I don't like it from what I'm seeing, but if I have to do something, I will. But I will make it so minimal, that you don't realize it.

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