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PSVita Foosball 2012 for PS3 and PS Vita: Announcement trailer

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Well-Known Member
The game looks pretty neat! I love the hot dog avatar, it adds another level of creative gameplay.

I love Foosball and I'm looking forward to how this works out on the Vita. This best be under $20 bucks!


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I'm still waiting for this to pop up in the EU PSN store, anyone across the pond got their hands on it yet?

I'm really curious to see what it's like.
Ill be buying it if the price is within reason

The game is now in the store! £5.49, or £4.39 for PP, and theres quite a few extras you can buy too.

Reel fishing is up there too, which looks incredibly boring to me


Well-Known Member
Just been playing the trial for a while on the vita. I quite like it, but cant imagine me playing it that much so will probably not buy it. Not sure yet though, I would be interested in seeing how good the multiplayer is...
The multiplayer is buggy. Connecting to and finding other players its fine, but during the games goals will be scored but not counted multiple times, and sometimes the other player seems unresponsive but is actually playing.


Well-Known Member
Not tried it online yet (thanks Sony), however I've had a good time with it so far. At first I kinda felt empty, couldn't really see what I'd got for my money, I think perhaps because there's little beyond the actual physics of the game ; with other small games like hustle kings or SSD there's heaps of modes and ways to alter the experience but here you get the same game every time with either cosmetic changes or slight rule alterations. So at first a little underwhelmed.

Thankfully what has been done, has been done very competently (as stated yet to try the multiplayer out) the controls were not intuitive to me as I had my own way of expecting how it all worked, but once I'd changed my perception of how the thing controls I gotta say they picked a very smart way of controlling the game, and I find it very responsive and easy to control. I think it helps to think that you're controlling the ball itself rather than the paddles if that makes sense. I bought an iPad foosball game a while back, for me the physical controls and general production of this game batters the iPad iteration in every way, and I quite liked it at the time.

Very satisfying slamming the ball in the goal and good fun squaring off against the AI. I can't imagine the AI would have me captivated for months on end so its good that it's got the multiplayer, but there's a good little game in there to enjoy solo, and those trophies will take some work :)

Glad I bought it, inoffensive file size (roughly 130mb I think) good gameplay, unobtrusive and suitable audio and perfectly suited to the vita. Much to my girlfriends delight, the vita is swiftly negating my need to create a games room.

Air Hockey please...

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