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[Feedback] GamingCave Signature?

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Thread starter #1
After just being purely bored and having free time on my hand I decided to create this:

I would like your honest feedback on this,

Note; When I've got enough money for my tablet I'll create a hand drawn controller in which will have the lettering engraved within the controllor (may even talk to an old mate to produce some gamingcave Playstation/Xbox Controllors along with pc mats, mouses etc; Keyboards may be priced higher as they will require to add in some features.​
Thread starter #5
@Spartan - Use It as you want It's for the site, I tried trying to manipulate in for the red version but it comes out too bright so until then I'll have to try and figure an alternative.

@DiamondCoding - Thanks man.

@NXT - Thank you.

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