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PSVita F1 2011 headed to NGP in Q4

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I'm a fan of Gran Turismo but I also find controlling the Formula 1 cars very fun. If codemasters can make the right changes, F1 2011 may be a great game and will be one of the first racing games available for the NGP along with Wipout.
[/FLOAT_RIGHT]Codemasters' 2011 iteration of its F1 sim will be appearing on 3DS and Sony's NGP handhelds, as well as the expected high-end consoles and PC.
Codemasters has previously said it has big plans for F1 2011, which means more than just the most up to date data from the new racing season.
F1 2011 will "definitely not be a few new tracks and a few new drivers", said CEO Rod Cousens, although nothing more has been said of the title since.


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meh i'll wait for a GT game but nice to know it's going to be there
Let's just hope we don't have to wait to long. Polyphony Digital said that GT6 will not take as long since it will use the same engine as GT5. They also developed GT PSP while developing GT5 so it may not take long at all.

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