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E3 2011 - The dawn of the final day - E3 2011

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Well-Known Member
Hahaha, this one is so awesome. And SO true.

Ea had a great conference. Battlefield looked amazing, it'll give CoD: MW3 a run for its money. I hope Battlefield will come to PSVita.
Was the frostbite 2 engine compathible with NGP? was that confirmed? If it works for the ps3/xbox360 it should work also for the NGP tho.


Well-Known Member
Ye, Kuifje. :D I like Rayman.

Ghost Recon is on now. I'm not impressed. Getting tired of all these shooters.
yea same, its all guns guns guns guns. getting a bit tired off it. I was already happy with rayman finally a no gun game.

well, good luck we got another shooter trailer rofl :/

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