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Announcement DestroyRepeat upgraded to xenForo 2!

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It's alive. It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!

This is Phase 2 of 3.

xenForo Ltd. released xF2 on November 28th, but I opted to wait until a few plugins are ready. Chat will be re-installed shortly, and Tapatalk will be re-installed shortly. Actually, xenForo is mobile out-of-the box, but I recognize that a lot of users love Tapatalk, and that's the reason why I am using it. Users of PSVitaForum love Chat, so that's why I am using it.

xenForo 2 brings a lot of new features that weren't available on the original 1.x line. Straight from your phone, you can upload images, here's an example:

Oh, and did I just embed facebook? Yep. It's embeddable along with Twitter and other big names.

If you'd like to see an expanded list of improvements in 2.0, here's the Twitter embed to show you that this new upgrade is indeed a major upgrade...

New skin is coming soon. Just be patient, everyone! :)
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