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Announcement DestroyRepeat is SSL Bound!

Discussion in 'CarlosX360 Archive' started by Carlos, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Carlos

    Carlos Owner Staff Member

    As promised in another thread, I've gotten SSL enabled, installed, and verified. I will now begin to redirect http://www.destroyrepeat.com to https://www.destroyrepeat.com

    Don't worry about the padlock thing, it's just a mere edit(s) that I need to make to the logos, icons, and whatnot. Rest assured, I will get it completely finished.

    EDIT: Some pages are still showing HTTP images, links, and whatnot, so don't be alarmed when seeing the "insecure" seal. Rest assured, SSL is live, and is still there.

    Either way, when you log in, you're not going to be bothered by the security warnings again on Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers that use the HTTPS standard. This is eating $89 out of my pockets, so for those of you who still don't get it: I really, really want your trust.

    That's not all, this will also result in more traffic to the site, since more, and more search engines are starting to care about HTTPS than the old http standard.

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