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Announcement DestroyRepeat is missing some stuff..

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...I know.

Let me explain what's going on: You're now on a fresh, brand new database. That means, DestroyRepeat loses Media, and Streams. PSVitaForum users, I know we lose "Chat" but I'll get it back on. Just be patient.

And the awesome skins? Those are gone, too. Even my favorite dark blue skin. DestroyRepeat.com had a host of plugins, and at least a few of them poses a security risk. Much bigger than the one in PSVitaForum. A plugin creator by the name of brivium created a backdoor in their files that allowed the plugin to indirectly or directly infiltrate the software.

DestroyRepeat members might notice some forums "missing." I condensed a lot of the forums into sections that made sense.

If you'd like a feature or have questions so far, don't hesitate to ask! :)
Not open for further replies.

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