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Announcement DestroyRepeat in 2017

Discussion in 'CarlosX360 Archive' started by Carlos, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Carlos

    Carlos Owner Staff Member

    Hello, today, I will be talking about the roadmap in 2017. I understand there are still a lot of people skeptical about my ability to grow this community, and getting DestroyRepeat back to form. At the moment, I am more focused on getting DestroyRepeat re-indexed. I'm not really worried about traffic anymore. After PSX 2016, the site exploded, and still exploding. Oh, you don't believe me? Here...


    That's probably thanks to the redirect of PSVitaForum.com - like I said elsewhere. We are on track with the re-index, and it will be fully re-indexed next year. Here's the current status of the re-index so you know that we're underway, and we're almost there.


    And here's the Index Status. Note, that this is not the complete picture of how many links are in google right now, but it's better than nothing. I acquired the site in January. Before that, the index kind of flew off the grid. However, I was able to fix it as time went on, and it's going higher than ever, too...


    EDIT 3/26/2017: Here's an update for those of you who are curious...


    I will continue to buy forums to merge into this site until I feel that the community is stable enough. We're currently at half-a-million posts. It's already a big board site, so I will continue to push forward with buying sites that fills our gaming needs. I'm already hard at work on 3 other forum acquisitions. I'm working on a another site acquisition that will feed traffic to CODForums.

    After this, I will turn my attention to investments. I'm waiting on xenForo 2.0 to complete. I held off on DestroyRepeat's redesign until then. I planned to redesign DestroyRepeat with Audentio's help in 2016, then I read a post by xenForo devs saying that they're hard at work on xenForo 2. Currently, at the moment I'm typing, they're now demo'ing xenForo 2.0 here. At this point, I am thankful that I re-started DestroyRepeat on a brand new database. As with most major upgrades, there's a rewrite of the core software. The xF staff says xF2 is a complete rewrite. It's meant to fix most of the problems in xF1.

    Another thing I'd like to talk about is that I am going to begin looking into getting https enabled for ALL websites on my server. Tapatalk, Apple, and google are all starting to get onboard this https bandwagon. In fact, starting in January, Google will start "de-ranking" sites that don't have https enabled. DestroyRepeat was on https in the past, so this won't be a major change. I only removed it because legacy links went to the old cloudflare links, which I wanted to remove.

    By mid-2017, I anticipate that DestroyRepeat get more traffic than it's seen in a while. At this point, I should already have investments that will flow assets (cash flow) into my bank account. I will begin to advertise DestroyRepeat on Google, Twitter, and maybe Facebook.

    By Fall 2017, I will now focus on acquiring large-scale, high-volume, high velocity websites. I'm talking about sites that have a high asking price. Mostly I'm looking for sites that have an active community, or sites with a lot of logins.

    Why are you still in the forum business?
    I have a long-term vision of my company. Many investors I know, they don't realize what I want, or why I am doing this. Well, let me put it this way: CODForums is the highest ranking Call of Duty Forum in the world right now. How many people do you think have seen it? Allow me to show you...


    900k + 700k = 1.6 Million Pageviews. Only from TWO websites. This isn't even my entire network - alive or closed. Across my entire network over the years, I amassed over 2 Million Pageviews worldwide. With over 800k Unique Visitors, to boot?

    I want CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. to become a game developer/publisher. But in order to do that, I need to reach YOU. And gain your trust. In this industry, trust is the biggest thing, or you can kiss your company or video game franchise goodbye. That's it.

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