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Building your own PC in humid areas

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I'm thinking of building my own PC but unfortunately, I'm living in a very humid area. I'm afraid that parts of it might corrode or something? Especially the casing/body. I do want it to be somewhat metallic though, so if it's possible, please don't suggest plastic. I have found a couple of stainless steel options, but I'm afraid they might corrode after a while, especially when there are tiny scratches and stuff. Has anyone ever hardened steel by themselves? I've been thinking of buying one of these boronzing agents and doing it myself. Has anyone ever done that?
Well, you're going to wanna use Fan filters smartly in the build, dust and humidity is going to be wet stick stuff that's going to be no good.
You could also look at a some mini dehumidifies and keep it by the computer, you could probably even wire to the computer but I'd leave it out side the case cause you need to empty them.

but again a main thing is going to be keeping dust out, not on carpet, etc.

Best of luck!

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