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BF1 Compilations - Suggestions?

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Thread starter #1

So, We've been making compilations for BF1 for a while now and so we thought we would share our videos here with you guys. I'll be posting the videos here everytime a new episode is uploaded and basically, what we want to get to know from you guys is feedback. For example, Did you enjoy the video? What improvements would you like to see being made? And so on...

To start with, here is Episode 5 of our 'BF1 EPIC FAILS':

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Check out Episode 6 of our "BF1: Fails & Funnies" series and let us know what you thought... Could we improve it somehow? Any suggestions?


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So, we've been posting our BF1: Top Plays for a while now and this episode really made us realise how beautiful this game is.

To see what I'm talking about, watch the video and let us know if you agree:

- Zynxize

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