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Battlefield 5 stopped working

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New Member
First of all, first time when i started the game. Asked for driver 416.34. (before 5 days)
I installed it, then asks about 416.78, I installed it. Then asks for 416.96.
Than it said that my GPU does not support dx 11. Which is not true!
Then i wen to Document/Settings/ Profile settings. I changed dx12 form 0 to 1.
Than I did also compabillity but BF5.exe properties-compability, run as administrator and override high DPI and disable full screen.
Then i tried again, then the game won't launch again. then I went to origin, then origin won't launch.
Then I uninstalled origin and installed it again. Now origin works again.

BF5 was before and after (Battlefield 5 stopped working)
PS. Somewhere in betwwen I also changed the name of the file called: nvapi64.dll.
Beacse if I don't changed, does not matter shich dirver updated I have it will say always the same that I have older driver.

MY PC configuration is:
AMD ryzen 2700x
Gigabyte x470 wifi 7
Trident RGB GTRX , 2x8 GB, 3600 MHz,
Nvidia P2000, 5 GB

I have all requirments but the game is still not possible to play.
AND yes!! First tiem when I installed i just needed to change nvap64.dll name. I could enter the game but performance was too bad.
After driver update I could not enter the game at all.....


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