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PSVita Ad Hoc network for multiplayer games

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Does this work like it did for the PSP? Sorry for all the questions as of late but I've considered buying a PS Vita for my next Afghanistan rotation, and I'm wondering if me and a few buddies could do what we did when I was there last time...Play Seal Team 6 and connect and play deathmatch without being connected to an internet hotspot...hope that makes sense.


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Can I use Ad Hoc mode on PSP games that play on the PS Vita system?

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If the PSP software originally supported Ad Hoc mode, it will work on the PS Vita.
For more information on Ad Hoc mode.

Ad Hoc Mode Channel
When connecting using ad hoc mode, your PS Vita system must be set to the same channel as the other devices you want to connect with.
The default setting is [Automatic]. With this setting, the system will automatically select the optimum channel.


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Was going to say that but Internet has been down due to a few severe thunderstorms in my area. Looks all clear for now. SO yeah, what he said lol.

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