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  1. K

    Official Thread Battlefield 5

    I managed to get early access to the beta so was playing it quite a bit yesterday. I am absolutely loving it so far and I'm sure the game will be even better when it is released. I'm really happy that they finally got rid of the season pass but we know how that worked with Battlefront 2 so I'll...
  2. K

    Official Thread Cyberpunk 2077

    I'm looking forward to it. I'm still not 100% sure if I will get it because I don't enjoy first-person games that much unless it's solely an FPS game. The gameplay that they showed us looks amazing though, I love the look and feel of the setting as well.
  3. K

    What are you listening to?

    I am currently listing to Hot Steppa - Steel Banglez ft. Loski on Spotify
  4. K

    Discussion Hub

    Thanks capricorn 14,200+ Posts 1633+ Threads 165 Members Have a great time @ http://discussionhub.net
  5. K

    Use Google+?

    I registered on it, well it was already linked with my Google Account but anyway. I don't like it. No one I know personally is on it and Facebook and Twitter will always be the better social networks.
  6. K

    What should you be doing right now?

    I should be doing two peices of homework right now as well but I instead choose to listen to music and browse the internet :D
  7. K

    Hello/Goodbye - General Chat Thread

    Just had an awesome-ish day at school where me and my mates just messed around on the computers for the last two periods. Love it when we have subs
  8. K

    Billions on GTA Online

    Have you guys seen the latest glitches and hacks on Grand Theft Auto Online? They have been kind of fixed now but everyone that got billions of cash still have them and are waiting to see what will happen to this cash! Have you got billions?
  9. K

    Currently Listening? ♫♪♫

    Bastille - Of the Night. Love this song but havn't listened to it for a while now.
  10. K

    Discussion Hub

    Discussion Hub is a general discussion forum and with over 1500 topics for you to discuss in, we have a section for everyone with their interests. Why not come over and join us to have a good time? http://discussionhub.net
  11. K

    Xbox One vs. PS4

    I prefer the PlayStation 4 much more especially the controller and the console itself looks much more beautiful than the One. My friends also play the PS4 so that would also encourage me to get it
  12. K


    When I was younger, I used to go on Miniclips often, multiple times a day sometimes but nowadays especially since I have my console now I don't go on it at all
  13. K

    Computers or Consoles?

    I would choose the PlayStation 4 has it is quite powerful, good looking and I prefer playing on consoles than playing on PCs. Plus all my friends would be gaming on consoles so I wouldn't want to miss out
  14. K

    Writing a Book

    When I was smaller and when I was in primary school I would sometimes write books, mostly small ones with a few pages either on my own or sometimes at school but nowadays I wouldn't bother.
  15. K

    Imagine Dragons

    Recently got into some of their songs and I agree that they are a great band. The first song that I heard from them was Radioactive which was great and there was also another song that was played on FIFA
  16. K

    One Direction

    I hate One Direction and I am 100% sure that I will never ever like them neither their songs. I feel sorry for anyone that has to suffer listenting to a relative listening to their music
  17. K

    Currently Listening? ♫♪♫

    I am currently listening to Marble Floors by French Montana ft. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & 2 Chainz
  18. K

    A man walks into the bar...

    A man walks into a bar with a lump of tarmac under his arm. ‘What would you like?’ asks the barman. The man replies, ‘A pint of beer and one for the road.’
  19. K

    Hello/Goodbye - General Chat Thread

    How is everyone today? Just bought some FIFA Coins and Got a pretty good team on FIFA 14 now. Pretty happy :D
  20. K

    Chrome vs Firefox

    Firefox is amazing but to be honest I prefer Chrome much better as it just looks much much better and runs better on my laptop