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  1. iTunes

    New map pack for Modern Warfare Remastered?

    I'd be so happy to see terminal make a return might be my all time favorite map!
  2. iTunes

    Hello everyone!

    nice to see a new face here! welcome to Geekaholic's dude
  3. iTunes

    What kind of music do you enjoy listening ?

    Very cool!! could you suggest me some alternative rock to listen to?
  4. iTunes

    Do you guys use social media to rank websites?

    You Yeah I've noticed I follow Geekaholic's on Facebook and Twitter :)
  5. iTunes

    Hey geeks

    Awesome I know a bit of java but I've been focusing on python for the most part.
  6. iTunes

    Hey geeks

    Hi Omar, I've been getting into coding, what languages do you like or know the best?
  7. iTunes

    Xbox One X?

    Yeah I'd be getting it before I got a 4k but I too heard it's graphics are better then the PS4 pro even on a 1080p tv
  8. iTunes

    Yu-Gi-Oh duel links game?

    Has any played the yugioh duel links game on mobile? It's pretty cool you can just play against others or play story and build your deck, I'm not into yugioh since I was younger but this game has gotten some play time from me
  9. iTunes

    Mac vs Windows

    I enjoy Mac a lot very simple to use and harder to get viruses
  10. iTunes

    Do you guys use social media to rank websites?

    So I've been reading a lot on better ranking your website through SEO, and one thing I notice is social media really helps rank it. Not only that but it also can help drive traffic! But I'm wondering how many times a day should I be posting on social media, how often should I include my website...
  11. iTunes

    Xbox's Audicloud (soundcloud app) Thoughts?

    I've been waiting a while for this, the 360 was great with this. Glad we finally have a music app with solid amount of songs that can play in the background!
  12. iTunes

    4th of july plans?

    I'm at my towns fireworks right now, pretty good show so far and lots of activities
  13. iTunes

    Xbox One X?

    Has anyone picked up and Xbox one x yet? Thoughts on it? Was thinking about buying one!
  14. iTunes

    Favorite indie games?

    I I played issac on the switch it's really fun game!
  15. iTunes

    Zombie Apocalypse! What is your weapon

    The wall is probably more so to defend where ever you set up home base. Always good to have a zone safe from zombies to grow crops and sleep and such
  16. iTunes

    Batman v. Superman

    Ben af fleck being batman has got me sketpcual but I i feel like superman and batman we'll end up coming together in thisnmovie
  17. iTunes

    Ancient Aliens/Hidden Worlds

    I'm a full believe of life on another planet, I mean humans aren't the smartest features in this world
  18. iTunes

    Which was the last movie you watched?

    I just watched aftermath it was only 5$ at walmart I think it was worth the buy!
  19. iTunes

    What goes on in Area 51?

    I feel like they may work on alien technology there. I believe some where along the line they made contact with the president and made a treaty of some sort.
  20. iTunes

    How much time do you devote to gaming?

    Geez you guys play a lot of games! I can't seem to be able to focus on a game that long any tips?