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  1. J

    The unnecessary size of websites

    One of the most annoying things I have noticed about modem websites is just how much bulk they have, website nowadays often have a ton of unnecessary scripts and images that are just there to make the website look pretty. If websites adopted a simpler design (and I am not talking about those...
  2. J

    Hosting your own videos and avoiding YouTube

    When you upload a video to YouTube, you lose a lot of the control around the how it is branded, in the early days of YouTube you could customise your channel page and video page a lot more than you can nowadays. One solution to the branding problems could be for you to host your videos on your...
  3. J

    Do you prefer games with photo realistic textures or ones with cartoony textures?

    When making games, developers have to take into account the art style that their audience would enjoy. The thing is that different genres of gamers have their own art styles, with open world games normally photographs of buildings as textures (you will notice a lot of GTA 5 textures came from...
  4. J

    Current games are pretty terrible.

    In recent years, you may have noticed a trend of games becoming more “cinematic”, but it appears that in an attempt to make games more like movies developers have forgotten how to make games that are fun to play. Take GTA 5 for example, a game that plays out like three different but connected...
  5. J

    Remember how asset flippers used to use free keys to get votes on steam Greenlight?

    A few years ago, I noticed that a lot of really shitty games where getting on Steam, though its’ Greenlight program. This annoyed a lot of people in the gaming community as it meant the Steam storefront became filled with garbage, making good games far hard to find. The question should be...
  6. J

    The centralization of the internet is a problem.

    Over the past few years, the new people coming online have mostly been just visiting a few major websites, this has giving websites like Google and Facebook huge almost monopoly-like powers over the internet. The problem is when companies get too big they do not fear pissing off users which...
  7. J

    Shady key selling websites

    If you have been in the know with the gaming community than you might have heard about websites like G2A who claim to offer activation codes for much cheaper than the official storefronts. The problem is that as a lot of these marketplaces allow pretty much anyone to sell keys, which means that...
  8. J

    Do you think that people having too many games will cause problems for the industry?

    On the PC, we are used to games consistently going on sale for ridiculously cheap prices, this has led to many people having more games on their steam account than they can ever get around to playing. The problem with this over saturation of games is that the more games people have ready to...