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    Another Minecraft player on board!

    Thank you for the welcome. Welcome too! :) This forum is great for Minecraft players. The owner is a very cool and caring person and the members are very nice. In general, is an unusual (in a very good way, of course :D) forum when compared to many others.
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    My First Advance Build! I Call It The Fancey House!

    @Mariana I think @Soulwatcher should take some time to give us some "improvement" classes. What do you think about this idea? :smug:
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    Minecrafts Hits The 120 Million Mark!

    The only reason I can "accept" people to dislike this game is because they have not played it yet. After the first contact with it, I think they would change their minds quickly / easily. :smug:
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    How many hours per day?

    Well... 2 hours a day sounds a nice frequency on week days. :) On weekends I also usually play for longer... My inner child is incredibly happy when that happens! :D
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    How many hours per day?

    It's true. :) But as busy as we are, I think we should always take time to rekindle our inner child (although this is not a very easy task to be done sometimes :bored:).
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    As many games as possible!

    Wel... I still consider myself a BIG video game addict, but I don't usually play more often than I used to. :( However, I don't consider myself as a less addicted to it because I keep making it a point to follow the news of the games that interest me very closely. I think addiction is not only...
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    Losing everything!

    I have never had any loss that I can consider as "drastic". But anyway, I think any kind of loss can be seen as very frustrating (after all, you invested time and dedication).
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    How many hours per day?

    Considering that I didn't have as much time left as I had many years ago, I think getting at least 1 hour a day is more than enough for me. I'm satisfied. :smug:
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    Do you have any hobbies other than playing video games?

    That's for sure. ;) One of my favorite hobbies is going to the movies (I love movies!), going to the theater, reading, biking, swimming and doing trail / walking / running. :cool:
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    My First Advance Build! I Call It The Fancey House!

    His creations are always something so nice, very detailed and super interesting (above average). :) They are like inspirations (at least for me, of course :smug:).
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    Do you see any negative aspect in Minecraft?

    Yeah, I agree with you. :) This is a negative side of Minecfrat. :bored: It should be urgently improved... Maybe in future new versions? :rolleyes:
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    Are you playing Java or Windows 10/PE Minecraft?

    I'm on the same boat as you about this one. I think Java is nice, even kinda good and interesting sometimes... But it's not my kind of thing, I guess. :confused:
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    Do you see any negative aspect in Minecraft?

    Unfortunately, we can't say that the games are perfect. As much as we like it, they all have something that we don't like (which obviously is not a flaw... because that is a particular view of each player). But there's something that discourages you from playing or something? Let's talk about...
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    Today I bring you "Down on the Farm!" I Finally Finished My Farm!

    I have to say that I would to like to know that too :nailbiting:... Is it some kind of secret or something similar? :cool: He seems to work like a Minecraftmaniac, haha! :D
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    Today I bring you "Down on the Farm!" I Finally Finished My Farm!

    @Soulwatcher Can I say that I'm a little jealous of you? :banghead: Seriously... I mean, in a good way of course! :smug: Your works / creations are great and very inspiring. Well done, my friend! :)
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    Have any of you ever been recruited to build on a Minecraft server?

    Not yet, I've never been invited to this. But I admit that the idea seems to be quite good and very interesting :smug:... However, I probably wouldn't have time because of my very fast pace of life.
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    Why did you start playing Minecraft?

    I started playing just out of curiosity, after hearing some of my friends - who also enjoy playing video games like me - comment on many positive things about the game. I gave myself a chance, and I easily became addicted. :D
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    If you could improve Minecraft....

    I agree that the old graphics mode has to prevail (no matter what :D), but at the same time... I don't think modernizing the graphics would exclude the game's identity. :cool:
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    Minecrafts Hits The 120 Million Mark!

    Yes, many people "hate" the game for free :confused: (when they didn't even bother to play the game at least once :hungover:). This is very annoying sometimes. :banghead:
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    Minecrafts Hits The 120 Million Mark!

    Oh, my... 120 million copies worldwide? :eek: That's insane! I mean, it's an impressive number that only confirms one very important thing: the game is increasingly popular (no matter what the haters say :cool:)!